CRC Network of Namibia

Welcome to the CRC Network of Namibia! Here you will find information about our work, our Change Agents and projects, and much more. We are a network of 33 Change Agents, all working to strengthen the rights of all children!


The CRC Network of Namibia have trained 33 Change Agents on the implementation of CRC since 2004 –2016. These Change Agents have piloted 11 CRC projects with specific focus on provision, protection and participation at 12 schools in the country. The piloting of these projects has resulted in the sensitization and training of some Education officials, teachers, learners, parents, civic leaders, and schoolboard members on the importance of Child Rights. Regional directors, inspectors of education from regions and circuits of the piloted schools were sensitized to enable them to provide the necessary support to the projects implementation and Change Agents. All batches sensitized regional directors and inspectors of education about CRC before commencing with the pro­ject.

Main Focus

All the change projects are aimed at creating “Child Friendly Schools” by raising awareness among the stakeholders and implementing CRC in our schools fo­cusing on participation, provision and protection (the 3 P’s). The projects also in­tend to educate, sensitize and train education stakeholders (learners, teachers, parents, education officers, and civic leaders).


The interventions of the CRC Change Agents since 2004 have resulted in some important changes due to the change projects. There has also been an observed increase of successes as more Change Agents has joined the network team. The implementation of projects has raised an awareness about CRC among stakeholders, such as the education directorates, parents, teachers and learners, with more understanding of CRC concepts and the 3 P’s implementation at most of the pro­ject schools.

The implementation of projects has also led to a remarkable reduction of school drop outs, increased pa­rental involvement in education, the increase of learner participation and the creation of conducive learning environments as well as an increase of learner motivation to attend school - and to some extent improved academic performance. The interventions have also improved discipline in schools. The education system is redirected to focus towards the best interest of the child.

Way Forward

The CRC Network of Namibia are determined to expand and sustain CRC activities in Namibia and has agreed on strategies on how this can be achieved. Strengthening the network is one of the key concerns, both on a local/national level and from an international perspective. Sharing experiences with Change Agents in other African countries as well as incorporating experiences from beyond the shores of Africa is important to obtain refreshed knowledge on CRC related issues. In order to sustain the network, CRC must become relevant to all stakeholders, and it is desired that CRC content will be infused into all school activities by being integrated in the national curriculum. Tools for monitoring and evaluation are planned to be employed in order to quality assure the project outcomes.

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