CRC Change Agents in Namibia during launching September 28

Listening, taking photographs and discussing among some of the Change Agents in Namibia at the launching: Martha, Olivia and Martinhus...

Launching of the Global Child Rights Online Platform in Namibia, September 28

National Coordinator, Meme Olivia Shinana, presenting the CRC implementation in Namibia with some of the other Change Agents in Namibia in the back

Another successful launching in Namibia September 28, 2018

Namibian Change Agents at the launching with representatives from Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, MoEAC, with the following participants on this photo:

From left sitting :   Gervasius Stephanus, Laban Shapange, Hon: Erickson Ndawanifa, Isak Hamatwi, Igenesia Tuahepa.

From left standing : Betty Likoro, Olivia Shinana, Roderick April, Elizabeth Valombola, Martha Amutenya, Martinhus Hamutenya, Simon Jacobs, Penehafo Haidula, Regina Hausiku, Desmond Marongwe, F. M. Mpareke, Fillippine Munkanda, and Monika Hangula.

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