2. GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on ZOOM - March 20, 2022

All the 10 PPT from the 2. GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on Zoom - March 20, 2022 - are now uploaded under ARCHIVE as Reports.


GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on ZOOM - March 20, 2022





Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change Agents

Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change  Agents

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Yanneth Sanchez in Batch 17 - 

Per Wickenberg, Child Rights Institute, CRI, Lund University, Sweden 


National Arts Council Members revealed - including Change Agent Martha! - Namibia

WINDHOEK – JUNE, 4 – The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (NACN) announced the appointment of new members recently.

Minister Katrina, Hanse-Himarwa singled out new members who will serve for a three year term administering the National Arts Fund, effective from 01 April 2019 to 31st March 2022.

The new Council is comprised of various public and private representatives who went through an induction on 17 May 2019 at the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MOEAC) offices.

It includes public nominees and former Council members Patrick Sam, a consultant and arts advocate and Shareen Thude, Manager of the Craft Center, who retained their positions of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively, as well as representatives of the MOEAC, Sanet Steenkamp, Executive Director and Ervast Mtota, Director of Arts.

Furthermore, the new publicly nominated members will be filled by Dalicia Olivier who is responsible of Stakeholders and events and Meatco, Leitago /Narib, Entrepreneur and Owner of NAWALife. The alternate members are Petsy Neiss from the International University of Management, Ambrosius Sindano a School Principal from Nkurenkuru and Martha Amutenya, a Teacher from Ondangwa, Felix Haingura Youth representative and Veno Kauaria, Deputy Executive Director Life Long Learning, Arts and Culture, as well as M’kariko Amagulu, Deputy Director in the Directorates of Arts, both from the MOEAC.

CRC Change Agents in Namibia during launching September 28

Listening, taking photographs and discussing among some of the Change Agents in Namibia at the launching: Martha, Olivia and Martinhus...

Launching of the Global Child Rights Online Platform in Namibia, September 28

National Coordinator, Meme Olivia Shinana, presenting the CRC implementation in Namibia with some of the other Change Agents in Namibia in the back

Another successful launching in Namibia September 28, 2018

Namibian Change Agents at the launching with representatives from Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, MoEAC, with the following participants on this photo:

From left sitting :   Gervasius Stephanus, Laban Shapange, Hon: Erickson Ndawanifa, Isak Hamatwi, Igenesia Tuahepa.

From left standing : Betty Likoro, Olivia Shinana, Roderick April, Elizabeth Valombola, Martha Amutenya, Martinhus Hamutenya, Simon Jacobs, Penehafo Haidula, Regina Hausiku, Desmond Marongwe, F. M. Mpareke, Fillippine Munkanda, and Monika Hangula.

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