CRC Network of Uganda

Welcome to the CRC Network of Uganda! Here you will find information about our work, our Change Agents and projects, and much more. We are a network of 39 Change Agents, all working to strengthen the rights of all children!


The CRC Network of Uganda first participated in the international training programme in 2004. Since then we have participated with 13 different teams that later have implemented CRC projects on a local level in Uganda. Many Change Agents originate from the area around Kampala.

Main Focus

The network, with its different batches have focused on all the three P’s (Provision, Protection and Participation), but every project has had a specific focus. The Change Agents working with ‘Provision’ has developed child friendly literature with the aim of increasing learning amongst children in schools. Teams working with Protection have presented child friendly disciplinary methods in schools and a number of projects have had the focus of child Participation in- and outside of the classroom.


Due to the diversity of our projects, the network has strengthened the rights of children on many different levels. Due to the developed child friendly literature academic performance of many children were improved. Students in the target schools are enjoying their work, the improved school environment but also feel safer amongst teachers and other students. Attendance is better and the children’s participation is improving their academic achievements.

The projects have also started changes in the work of teacher training. Attitudes amongst teachers and school leaders are transcending into a child rights approach. This is also affecting the communities related to the target schools – the effects on the projects are spreading from the school to connecting villages.

In our work we have also had the pleasure to confirm that our network has grown into a warm and nurturing environment. Change Agents from later batches have had much support from already experienced Change Agents. We are learning from each other to keep the network vibrant and successful.

Way Forward

We are now glad to have a digital platform where we can present our message and share and gain new knowledge. We are now working on ‘scaling up’, implementing our work on a national level, gaining more stakeholders, for example lobbying the rights of the child with the Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda.

Interested in our training programme?

If you are interested in our Change Agents, projects or training programme, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to be a part of this global network and are looking forward to creating new bonds in order to strengthen the rights the children!