CRC Network of Tanzania

Welcome to the CRC Network of Tanzania! Here you will find information about our history, our Change Agents and how we have worked and still are working with implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child and more – all in the best interest of all children.


In the training programme that was conducted by Lund University through the Child Rights, Classroom and School Management programme, several government officials, educators and education stakeholders were able to participate. They all learnt different skills and concepts, and were groomed to be Change Agents for the country. The CRC Network of Tanzania had its first team in Batch 1 in 2003, and has in total had 15 teams and 45 Change Agents in Batches 1-21. This has resulted in 15 successful change projects, which were planned and implemented according to the expertise of the Change Agents across the different education levels, in teacher training colleges and at the Agency for Development of Educational Management (ADEM).

Main Focus

The CRC change work of Tanzania has mainly focused on quality issues of education including creating an awareness of Child Rights, child participation and protection. The aim of the different change projects has among other things been to integrate the CRC in the National curriculum for primary, secondary and teacher education, creating conducive environment for learning by introducing clubs and gardening, improving teacher and learning through participatory approaches by using the 3 P’s (Protection, Provision and Participation), as well as enhancing girls’ participation in learning science subjects.


A major outcome of the different change projects was a raised awareness of Child Rights among stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, school board and committees, teacher educators, quality assurers and community members. The change work also resulted in 116 school councils and 129 CRC student clubs, which student now use as a forum for sharing ideas and experiences in and out of the classroom. Teachers has become more centered to participatory teaching and learning methods, and learners has become the main actors in the teaching and learning process by accomplishing the intended learning goals. The 3 P’s has successfully been implemented in educational settings and the CRC has been integrated in the National Curriculum of primary, secondary and teacher education.

Way Forward

Through knowledge sharing from batches 1 – 21 it was realized that, the initial implementation of CRC in schools, colleges and other related educational institutions has had positive and promising change in behaviors and attitudes for pupils, teachers, tutors, student teachers and the community at large. To sustain this, the CRC Network of Tanzania has identified matters that needs specific efforts for the future. In general, the network between national and local stakeholders needs to be strengthened and expanded. To ensure that the change work is effective, a monitoring and evaluation tool must be developed to help provide finding for potential improvement where possible.

Interested in our Training Programme?

If you are interested in our Change Agents, projects or training programme, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are happy to be a part of this global network and are looking forward to creating new bonds in order to strengthen the rights of the children!