Change Projects

The networks were formed within the ITP “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”.  The overall objective of the programme was to initiate change process focusing on the best interest of the child. Teams of three change agents from the same country conducted change projects based on the 3 Ps – Provision, Protection and Participation in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the archive (link opens in new window) you find project reports from all countries. Here you find the final reports from the change projects of this country.

Batch/Year Change Projects Focus Area Project Report
1/2003 Increasing the Completion rate in Primary Schools in Tanzania Three P:s
2/2004 Initiatives to Eliminate Corporal Punishment in Primary Schools in Kibaha District Protection
3/2005 Creation on Awareness on Child Rights and Responsibilities to Trainer ofTrainers in Teacher Education Three P:s
4/2006 Participation of a Child in Developing School Environment in SecondarySchools through Gardening Participation
5/2006 Alternative Corporal Punishment at Barbro Johansson Model Girls' Secondary School Protection, Three P:s
7/2007 Creating Awareness on CRC for Teachers and Students in SecondarySchools Three P:s
8/2008 Incorporation of CRC in Educational Leadership and ManagementTrainings at ADEM- Bagamoyo Three P:s
10/2009 Tuelimishane (Let us Educate Each Other) in Primary Schools Participation
11/2009 Participation of Girls in Learning Natural Science Subjects in SecondarySchools in Tanzania Participation
12/2010 Reducing Child to Child Bullying in Primary Schools in Tanzania Protection
14/2011 Improvement of Performance in Primary School Mathematics inTanzania Three P:s
15/2011 Establishment of Student Councils in Primary Schools in Tanzania Participation
17/2012 Integrating Child Rights Content (3Ps) in the Teacher EducationCurriculum particularly Professional Subjects Three P:s
19/2013 Promoting the Rights of Child Participation in Primary Schools toEnhance Quality Education Participation
21/2014 Child Rights Clubs; a means for CRC Practices in Butimba Teachers’College in Mwanza Tanzania Participation