Professional Training

TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROFESSIONALS SPONSORED BY THEIR COMPANY OR ORGANISATION Lund University Commissioned Education makes the resources of Scandinavia’s largest university available to companies, organisations and authorities aiming to develop their business and staff. Teacher presenting at Lund University

Increase your organisation's competitive advantage

Lund University Commissioned Education represents all faculties at Lund University, serving as a one-stop-shop partner for your organisation. Increase your competitive advantage and the skills of your employees with education based on the latest research, provided by our highly qualified academic and research staff.

Tailor-made education

We can provide tailor-made courses, training programmes, seminars and conferences to suit your professional development needs. Education and professional training is available on campus, online or in the workplace (internationally or in Sweden).

Please contact us to discuss tailor-made education: info@education.lu.se

Open admission courses

A selection of stand-alone courses and programmes are available with open admission to sponsored professionals who have a relevant professional/industry background.

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Capacity building programmes

We offer a wide range of programmes that aim to strengthen professional organisations, authorities and individuals in developing countries. Many of the programmes are run in partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Swedish Institute (SI).

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Employee interested in professional education?

Professional education paid by your employer – information for employees