20 abstracts received!

About 20 abstracts with a research perspective have been written on the theme of Studies on Enactment of Children's Rights in Education - something that all our change agents were invited to. So far, it has inspired 44 research-interested change agents and their colleagues to write. The articles will be open access and published here on our open platform.

More information will come later.

Universal Children’s Day Celebration!

(In the picture: Per Wickenberg and Emma Alfredsson)

The Child Rights Institute celebrated Universal Children's Day!

On the 20th of November the Child Rights Institute was proud to host a national conference in a regional setting. Together with Barnombudsmannen, Länsstyrelsen Skåne, Skånes kommunförbund and other partners in Barnrättsforum Skåne on how to implement CRC in Sweden.

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