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Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation, Conference at Lund University, Sweden, 2023

Child Rights in a Conference soon...

Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation 

Today, May 16, we have 32 participants or Change Agents who has delivered their Abstract to this Conference or Session on CRC at Lund University for these 3 days: August 30, & August 31, & September 1 in 2023.

More information will be presented in June-July.

All the seminars will be available in ZOOM or in Lund. No fees for listening.

Send us a mail if you are interested in following these seminars and the program.


Anna Sonander - anna.sonander@soclaw.lu.se

Per Wickenberg - per.wickenberg@soclaw.lu.se

Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation, Conference at Lund University, Sweden, August, 2023

Dear all

In August 2023, between August 30th and September the 1st at the Sociolegal conference in Lund, we are arranging a panel on Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation. The conference will be on-site in Lund, but opportunities to attend at Zoom are offered.

We think it would be fantastic if you join us with a paper proposal. See the panel description below. Here you find information on how to register your papers: 


Please write at the top of the page that you are part of the panel Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation.

Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation

The Convention on the Rights of the Child has been ratified in most countries, which means that the various authorities and representatives must take the Convention into account when making decisions. However, the Convention has not had the desired impact. For many years, criticism has been voiced that the underlying idea and concept of the CRC is not reflected in the way countries deal with issues that affect children in various ways.

One of these ideas is that the best interests of the child should be a central starting point in all decisions concerning children, another is that the child should be seen as an individual with rights of his or her own, entitled to participation. The notion of how this should be done; what is the best interests of the child, what the child's right to participation means and how empowerment is understood and interpreted varies within and between countries, which is possible as the law itself does not specify what applies in different cases. This panel explores how children's empowerment, through Law and Participation, is addressed, understood and interpreted in different countries.

We invite contributions that highlight the work of different countries/authorities/ stakeholders on Empowering Children and Youth through Law and Participation.

We welcome contributions that seek to understand and explain the role of law and participation in empowering children.

Questions that can be addressed are:

How can we understand the challenges and opportunities of the law to strengthen children's participation?

How can we understand children's opportunities for participation?

What role do individual professional actors have in the work to strengthen children's rights?

How do children experience their opportunities for participation?

How do professional actors experience their opportunities to work for strengthen children's rights and participation? etc.

We will get back to you with more information after the 28th of February
Hope to see you in Lund or at Zoom.

Per Wickenberg & Anna Sonander, Sociology of Law Department

Lund University

2. GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on ZOOM - March 20, 2022

All the 10 PPT from the 2. GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on Zoom - March 20, 2022 - are now uploaded under ARCHIVE as Reports.







Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change Agents

Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change  Agents

See more in the attachment here above and on the the member facebook-group here:


More information will come later!

Heartily welcome!

Yanneth Sanchez in Batch 17 - globalcrcolombia@gmail.com 

Per Wickenberg, Child Rights Institute, CRI, Lund University, Sweden






The aim of this report book in Sociology of Law, (Research Report in Sociology of Law 2021:1) and Child Rights Institute, Lund University, is to gather, sum up and report, in a summarizing overview in an introduction followed by three concluding articles, our main experiences as researchers and teachers after 2016.

Two of the articles, “Mentor´s reflections” and “Looking back and looking forward”, have been published in Bodil Rasmusson, Lena Andersson, Agneta W Flinck, Ulf Leo and Per Wickenberg (eds.) Realising Child Rights in Education (2016), Lund University.

That year, 2016, the English version of the Sida-funded international training program, Child Rights, Classroom and School Management, was finished. However, there was a lot of continued work to come with Children´s Rights at Lund University after that.

This report could be viewed as an interesting example of how to achieve spinoff effects through strategies for sustainability and dissemination of knowledge and experiences from international cooperation on implementation of children’s rights.

Lund, February-March 2021

Per Wickenberg, Bodil Rasmusson & Ulf Leo

You can find the book in full text in the Archive on this platform and in our facebookgroup "Global Network for CRC Change Agents " - here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/508040865915974 

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You can also visit this page at facebook:

Global Network for CRC Change Agents




Today the joint book by 30 (or in fact 33) change agents are ready and published here as a PDF. The title is like this "International Studies on Enactment of Children´s Rights in Education. 30 researchers from non-western countries". It is published here: Research Report in Sociology of Law 2019:3, Sociology of Law, Lund Univesity. 314 p.

ISBN: 978-91-7267-420-2. ISSN 1404-1030.

Editors are Per Wickenberg, Bodil Rasmusson & Ulf Leo, Lund University.

You can download it free here: Look here in the Archive!

Or order it at Lund University in a paper copy:

E-post: bookorder@service.lu.se • www.bokshop.lu.se  

Excellent job done by all these change agents and CRC researchers!

Short on the Content

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a human rights legal document decided and adopted by the UN General Assembly in November 1989. This international convention has had a major impact on children’s rights, policies and legislation in many countries around the world. Another prominent feature of the development, however, is the lack of research in many areas on implementation of children’s rights. This underline the importance of a book like this with contributions from countries seldom represented with research in their own context.

This book has been initiated by researchers at the Child Rights Institute, Lund University, a research network with the aim to act for and support the rights of the child in different contexts, national and international, in research, in education or in other relevant practices. The Institute gather researchers to stimulate and to support new and continued research with a point of departure in the CRC. It provides an open and suitable arena for researchers to publish new material on implementing CRC in society. Invitation of researchers from our global network to contribute to an anthology was therefore fully in line with this ambition.

Fifteen new international studies on the enactment of children’s rights in schools and education are presented in this book. The authors are researchers from Colombia, Zambia, Viet Nam, Egypt, India, Kenya, Indonesia and China. They are researchers and scholars active in many different academic environments as research universities (Indonesia, Zambia, China, Kenya, Egypt, and Sweden), teacher training universities (China and India), National University of Education (Viet Nam, Colombia), Institute of Social Work and Health (India), District Teacher Training Institution, DIET (India).

Per, Bodil and Ulf

15 research contributions by change agents on CRC in Schools - Global

Now by the last sharp deadline, August 15, we have got 12 contributions of research articles on CRC implemented in Schools and Education. These contributions are written by 30 change agents in our network - from Africa, Latinamerica, Sweden and Asia! It is the countries in alphabetic order: China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Sweden, Viet Nam, and, Zambia. We will also have one contribution from Kenya.

Excellent work is done. Congratulations! Now we are making the peer-review readings and results will be done and communicated after September 15.

Then we will edit and design a research book - research anthology - with this title "Studies on Enactment of Children´s Rights in Education. It will be published in the established research books serie at Lund University "Research Reports in Sociology of Law" with a real ISBN number and a ISSN number: 1404-1030.

I seems to be a book of about some 150-200 pages. We will of course publish it here as a pdf document and free and open to download to all who are interested.

Well done!

Bodil, Ulf and Per

PS. After this above and in September 23: Now 15 articles!