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Welcome to the country page of the CRC Network of Sri Lanka! Here you will find information about our history, our Change Agents and how we have worked and still are working with implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child and more- all in the best interest of all children.Sri Lanka, with a population of about 20 million people has one of the highest literacy rates in Asia. Child Rights is a growing concern in many parts of the world. As a matter of this, the efforts taken to protect Child Rights in Sri Lanka by CRC Network deserves a special mention. The contribution regarding this by the Change Agents representing Divisional Zonal Provincial and National levels have shown a remarkable progress in ensuring Child Rights in Sri Lanka.


Change Agents of Sri Lanka are working to make a clear path to strengthen CRC and its practices in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka had its first team in batch 1 (2003) and in total have 11 teams and 30 change agents in batches 1-21 participated. Sri Lanka was represented already in the first batch and has all together been rep­resented in 11 batches. Sri Lanka has many change agents from national level, almost the same number as from local level, 12 at national level and 11 at local level, the remaining 7 are from regional level and represent teacher education. In Sri Lanka there is a national network, split up in two regional networks, the Kandian network and the Colombo network. Different projects have focused on creating a learner friendly environment for the children in general and participation in particular.

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Main Focus

Sri Lanka focusing on the development of small schools which are facing the threat of closing down, has embarked on a mission to implement CRC aiming at improving attendance of primary students by creating a school a pleasant place for the children. Child friendly classroom to see the child from the CRC point of view is the main vision. Different batches are working with different targets in order to get the child rights done. Thirteen batches from Sri Lanka are now involved in carrying out the mission to strengthen and promote CRC at different levels mainly through schools, pre service and in service teacher training institutes and programs.

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Sri Lanka has been working with the help of the Change Agents to march forward along the path of CRC achieving the ex­pected objectives to a great extent. Exam orientedness in particular has created an emotional, Intellectual and social imbalance in many students in Sri Lanka and it was found that many children are deprived of their enjoyable childhood. It was one critical issue which drew the attention of CRC Networks and started focusing on creating conducive learning environment for the children. The out­comes of different projects are marked by the increased interest of students in learning in the school activities and teachers' awareness of CRC concepts and their changing roles.

Way Forward

Implementation of CRC concept in all schoolsrequires support from other sectorssuch as zonal and provincial authorities miistry of Education. There still some issues Sri Lanka has been dealing with. Lack of infrastructure in many disadvantaged school, lack of facilities for Computer Assistant Learning Process and assitance to maintain them, Inclusion of Child Rights into school curriculam and printing Child Rights inside the book cover of each text book as done in Kerala.

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