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2. GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on ZOOM - March 20, 2022

All the 10 PPT from the 2. GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on Zoom - March 20, 2022 - are now uploaded under ARCHIVE as Reports.


GLOBAL MEETING on CRC in Schools on ZOOM - March 20, 2022





Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change Agents

Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change  Agents

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Heartily welcome!

Yanneth Sanchez in Batch 17 - 

Per Wickenberg, Child Rights Institute, CRI, Lund University, Sweden 


CRC For Education Leaders - Sri Lanka

 A One day Awareness work shop for Education leaders in Teldeniya Zonal  Education Office organize by Teacher Center Udadumbara, conducted by change agent  Mr,Gamini Rathnatissa. Manager  of Teachcer center

CRC Awareness workshop - Sri Lanka

A one-day seminar was organized by the Sri Lanka CRC Network for Prefects of   Dehiaththakandiya central collage. This was the objective of making aware the students about the rights of children and to protect children's rights through them. This work was done with practical activities, and the students very much liked it.


sri lanka was launched the platform successfully
The message from the Secretary of the CRC Network of Sri Lanka……….


If a  child is given love ,care. protection and kindness she or he will be flourished like a plant given soil, water and sunlight.  Nurturing the Nature of child to enjoy the rights to the maximum is a supreme bliss for any nation. 

Therefore let me extend my heartiest congratulations for the magnanimous efforts taken by everyone to glorify free, enjoyable and productive journey of every child in Sri Lanka without any darkness , fears, barriers and hardships to reach the expected goals and targets through opening the digital  platform . ! Let’s all get together to make a better world for children !


Shamali Jayaratne 


Global CRC Online Launching - sri lanka-The massage from Coordinator at Child Rights Institute ……….


A team from Sri Lanka was in the very first batch in the international training programme on “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management” given by Lund University 2003-2016 and funded by Sida, The Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency under the Swedish Government.


After that start in 2003 Sri Lanka has had 11 teams and 30 participants – or Change Agents as we call them - from different social-professional levels in the education area  taking part in this training programme that was going on for about 18 months. In Sweden for 4 weeks and a follow-up of two weeks and every team has been working together as a team on a Child Rights concrete project in their country. In Sri Lanka there has been carried out and implemented at least 11 CRC-projects within the education sector.

The Change Agents from Sri Lanka are mainly coming from the area of Kandy and Colombo. Twice this international training programme, with two batches of 30 change agents from 10 countries each every time, has had follow-up seminar in Sri Lanka and had made many interesting school visits meeting great many students, teachers, principals, teacher trainers and teacher trainees and officers at the education department – and also some parents.

These visits has given us – and me – an excellent and concrete overview over the education everyday life in Sri Lanka. That has been most useful for all of us in further research  and education.

Good luck in your continued and future fine work in the implementation and realization of Child Rights in Sri Lanka!


Per Wickenberg,

professor in Sociology of Law, Lund University, and

Coordinator at Child Rights Institute, Lund University

Lecturer and mentor in the international training programme “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”, 2003-2018    



global CRC Online launching - Sri lanka - Message from the Hon. Chief Minister and Minister of Education of Central Province-sri lanka

Message from the Hon. Chief Minister and Minister of Education

of Central Province.

The guarantee of the future of children is the absolute responsibility and duty of any civilized society. They are the back bone of any nation. All parents, teachers and elders being well organized should play their role for the well being of children. “No matter whose child he is but Child is a child of somebody” is the motto of the Central Province. It is my belief that not only the gathering of the entire Sri Lankan community for this, but also facing the global challenges where children are vulnerable is a theme that should be addressed.


 There are many laws regarding the protection of children as well as various organizations functioning from the national level to the regional level. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that some of the uncertainties that are often heard and reported in media about children in the social environment require a deeper interference in terms of their well being. We constantly witness and experience the ways how children are subjected to victimize  in political, social, and economic agendas of adults and various groups in many parts of the world. As members of a progressive society, this is a very pathetic situation.

In an era of this nature, the contribution and commitment of a group of voluntary professionals with their profound experience with a view to safeguarding children and ensuring child rights through education should be appreciated and every assistance must be given to their efforts. Especially, the assistance, guidance, directions, training and educational input given to Sri Lanka, through the Change Agents by SIDA and the Lund University in Sweden should highly be appreciated.

May this Online Digital Platform launched today for the protection of children be a great success!


Sarath Ekanayaka

Chief Minister and Minister of Education of Central Province.- Sri lanka

The message from Lecturer and Mentor Mrs,Agneta w flinck,

    When the International Training Programme on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management started in 2003 there were applications from Sri Lanka representing various areas in education. As I have worked in Sri Lanka in some projects since 1981 I was very happy to see that the Sri Lankans still were eager to learn more in the area of education. I was even happier when it was decided that I would be the mentor of the Sri Lankan teams. It was an honor to me to for years to come to still be in contact with the educational area in Sri Lanka. Specifically as the role of the mentor also implied a visit to each project to experience in reality the various implemented projects, representing many important areas within education.

In the beginning most of the team members were from the Colombo area, representing many areas within education such as schools, teacher education, the Ministry of Education, the National Institute of Education. The topics also varied depending on what was most needed at the time. Later on team members represented the Kandy area where also many interesting and challenging project started. After some batches the discussion about how to support each other started. The result was to create networks, one in Colombo and another in Kandy. Usually they all met on a yearly basis, but the regional networks met more often.

Every time I visited the projects on site I was impressed by the variety of the projects. In Child Rights there is a presentation of the 3Ps, Protection, Provision and Participation. The projects implemented covered all three Ps, not in the same project, but looking back it is very clear that all three Ps have a good representation. The teams did not hesitate to deal with rather difficult areas of Child Rights or difficult geographical areas. Every visit made me so proud. I experienced happy children, happy eyes with twinkling stars, motivated teachers and parents and also satisfied educational administrators.

Now comes the next phase of the programme and that has to do with introducing new members in the world of Child Rights, Classroom and School Management by means of internet. I am sure that the dedicated change agents within the networks will manage this new approach in the best way. Congratulations to all the good work and Good Luck in the next phase.

Agneta w flinck,

Division of Education, Department of sociology, Lund university. Lecturer and mentor in the international training programme “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”, 2003-2018