CRC Network of Mozambique

Welcome to the CRC Network of Mozambique! We currently have 14 active Change Agents and became part of the International Training Programme in 2007. Five teams have been trained so far and we are looking forward to expanding our knowledge on the importance of implementing and strengthening the rights of children.


We have the pleasure of working together as Change Agents positioned on all levels – from national to local. We have Change Agents with positions in the Ministry of Education, Teacher Training Schools and Primary and Secondary schools. The main portion of our agents have implemented change projects in the areas between Xai-Xai City and the capital of Mozambique, Maputo.

Main Focus

As a network we have worked with all of the three pillars of the CRC, Provision, Protection and Participation. The work as not only focused on one specific target group, as we have found it important to teach and strengthen children’s rights not only amongst teachers and students – but also within the communities that surround the project schools, such as involving parents.


Teachers in schools where projects are being implemented have changed their attitudes; stopped corporal punishment, use student-centred methods, encourage students’ participation in the classroom and provide relevant and quality education to their students. The parents are more involved in the education of their children. Students are more aware about their rights and duties and participate actively in the classroom and in school life.

As result of some of the change projects, new classrooms were built in Escola Primária Anexa ao IFP Eduardo Mondlane in Xai-Xai and a workshop building was assembled at Escola Secundaria Quisse Mavota in Maputo in order to provide safe place for the students to repair damaged desks. Different projects has been implemented at Quisse Mavota, for example a ‘Cutting and Sewing Project’ in order to provide school uniform for vulnerable children.

Way Forward

Despite these successes, we still have much work to do. We would like to extend these projects to other schools in other provinces in order to help all students enjoy their rights. We aim to spread our message on a national level and make it more accessible by translating our publications into the Portuguese language. Further training is done every day, both amongst teachers and students, paying to CRC message forward.

We are working hard to raise mon­ey from the government and other institutions in order to carry out CRC in schools throughout the country. We are committed and we believe that one day in in future, Mozambique will be a CRC country.

Interested in our training programme?

If you have any questions about our projects, our Change Agents or our training programmes, please get in touch! We are looking forward to utilizing this global network, where knowledge can be shared and discussed, and to promote the rights of all children!