Change Projects

The networks were formed within the ITP “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management”.  The overall objective of the programme was to initiate change process focusing on the best interest of the child. Teams of three change agents from the same country conducted change projects based on the 3 Ps – Provision, Protection and Participation in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the archive (link opens in new window) you find project reports from all countries. Here you find the final reports from the change projects of this country.


Change Agents Project Title Target Group Project Site Focus Area Project Report
7/2007 João Assale, Virginia Gomane, Matias Parruque CRC in Mozambique- increase child participation in education;
Improve school and their roles by raising awareness on CRC;
Stop corporal punishment.
Students Escola Primária anexa ao Instituto de Formação de professores Eduardo Mondlane in Xai-Xai. Protection, Participation
15/2011 Janete Mondlane, Gilberto Langa Increase participation in grade 6 in a Primary School in Maputo;
Identify problems regarding to CRC and come up with solutions to change behaviors.
Grade 6 Students Escola Primaria 3 de Fevereiro - Maputo City Participation
16/2012 Gertrudes Noronha, Armando Zavala, Adolfo Tembe Increase students’ participation at Quisse Mavota Secondary School. Grade 8 Students Escola Secundaria Quisse Mavota- Maputo City. Participation
18/2013 Artur Dombo, Elias Banze, Milagrosa Sitoe Building warm relationship between teachers and students in order to increase students’ participation in the classroom Grade 11 Teachers and Students Escola Secundaria Quisse Mavota- Maputo City Participation
20/2014 Samuel Buque, Alexandre Senda, Ercília Natália Raising awareness of CRC by involving parents in issues of provision and participation in education Parents Escola Primaria de Inhagoia ‘A’- MaputoTable Provision, Participation