Change Agent, Bibiana Rubio, Doctor in Social Studies

Last May 17, 2019 our partner and Change Agent, Bibiana Rubio Saavedra, got her Doctorade in Social Studies, Childhood and Youth from Universidad de Manizalez - Colombia. We congratulate her for this great achievement and her constant efforts to disseminate the Child Rights. Her thesis deals with: school as experience. Political emotions, moral imagination and citizenships for peace.

VIII Seminar Pro Children Rights - VIII Seminario por los Derechos de los Niños y las Niñas

We are pleased to inform you that last August 27 the VIII Seminar for the Rights of Children was held at the Externado de Colombia University. This event was attended by the scholars of the International Course Children rights and school management sponsored by the University of Lund.

The objective of the seminar was to sensitize teachers about the rights of children, encourage their daily practice in the educational context and make visible change projects that promote the staging of children's rights.

Nos complace informarles que el pasado  27 de agosto  se celebró el  VIII Seminario por los Derechos de los Niños y las Niñas en la Universidad Externado de Colombia.  Este evento contó con la participación de los becarios del Curso Internacional sobre la Gestión de los Derechos de los Niños y las Niñas en la Escuela de la Universidad de Lund.

El seminario tuvo como objetivos sensibilizar a los maestros y maestras acerca de los derechos de la niñez, fomentar su práctica diaria en el contexto educativo y visibilizar proyectos de cambio que promueven la puesta en escena de los derechos de los niños y las niñas.

Colombian Launching Event, May 31st , 2018

We had the participation of 20 Change Agents and attendees from schools, universities, and government entities as the Secretary of Education. They all contributed to make our event a successful one. We also had as special guests our Mentors from Lund University: Anneli Holmgren and Ulf Leo, who participated actively not only in the Platform launching event, but also in the school visits and diverse key meetings bearing in mind the next steps of our network. We really want to thank them for their company and constant support.

Tuvimos la participación de 20 Agentes de Cambio y asistentes de colegios, universidades y entidades del gobierno como la Secretaría de Educación Distrital. Todos ellos contribuyeron para hacer de nuestro evento un éxito. Tuvimos también como invitados especiales a nuestros Mentores de la Universidad de Lund: Anneli Holmgren y Ulf Leo, quienes participaron activamente no sólo en el evento de lanzamiento de la plataforma sino también,en las visitas académicas y una diversidad de reuniones clave para los pasos a seguir de nuestra red. Realmente agradecemos su compañía y apoyo constante.

Colombian Launching Event, May 31st , 2018
Welcome to our launch "Plataforma Digital CRC online Colombia

La Red Colombiana de Agentes de Cambio, Garantes de los Derechos de los Niños Y Las Niñas CRC, el instituto de La Universidad de Lund en Suecia para los Derechos de lso niños CRi, y La Agencia Sueca Para El Desarrollo Humano S.I.D.A. Tenemos el gusto de invitarles al Lanzamiento de la Plataforma Digital Global CRC Online, el evento se llevará a cabo en NH Metro hotel Bogotá Royal, el próximo Jueves 31 de Mayo del 2018.

The Colombian Network of Change Agents, Promotors of the Rights of Children  CRC, the institute of Lund University in Sweden for the Rights of Children CRi, and The Swedish Agency for Human Development S.I.D.A. We are pleased to invite you to the launch of the Global Digital Platform CRC Online, the event will be held at the NH Metro Hotel Bogota Royal, next Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Welcome to our novice teacher training (COLOMBIA)

Welcome all, welcome one, and welcome everyone! In this web page you will be pleased to see how creativity and commitment of the students from Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas and Universidad de la de la Salle, take place in the creation of diverse material and strategies to promote children rights in classroom ;

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On our Facebook page you find videos, pictures and brief updates about our Change Agents projects and work.

Among other things, you can watch a video that we want to share about how to implement the teaching of teachers rights in the classroom. The activity was performed by some students of District University in Bogotá.

Click on the link below to visit the Facebook page of the Bogotá community.

Who Are We? The CRC Network of Colombia

The CRC Colombian Network is a group of 36 change agents who belong to the eduction sector, both public and private. Our main aim is to promote and diseminate the Convention of the Rights of the Child (CRC) in schools in Colombia. All the change agents are committed to conduct projects in the cities of Bogotá, Cali and Villa de Leyva principally. Most of these projects have been shared and / or published with different educational communities in events and journals. We are glad to share our work in this site (books, articles, presentations pdfs, videos and photographs). We have also held an annual event; the CRC Annual Seminar since 2012, where teachers and change agents have shared projects that promote CRC in Colombian schools.

Welcome to the Country Page of the CRC Network of Colombia!
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