CRC Network of China

Welcome to the country page of the CRC Network of China! Here you will find information about us, our work and how we strive to strengthen the implementation of the CRC.


The CRC Network of China are proud to be a part of the International Training Programme on Child Rights from the very beginning in 2003. The network consists of 38 Change Agents, distributed between all 21 batches. The Child Rights Programme is focused in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region in China. The implementation of CRC in education, learning and teaching has been gradually dominated by participants from teacher training institutions, and directed against participation by students in schools and universities, and student teachers at Inner Mongolia Normal University, Tongliao Vocational College, Chifeng University, and Hulunbuir College.

Main Focus

The change work has revolved around teacher training in order to enhance the implementation of the CRC. Many Change Agents are currently working at higher education level, enabling possibilities of change processes starting from a teacher perspective.


Our change work started out with involving a handful of universities, successfully reforming their standing curricula. We not only integrated CRC into different courses for both undergraduates and postgraduates, but designed a course on CRC on different levels as well. Furthermore, in 2015, we launched an intercollegiate project that trained a group of volunteering undergraduates for three years to prepare them for future practice in CRC education. Also, Change Agents actively implement participatory approaches in their training classes.

Not only have we trained teachers in their pre-service period of their career. We also wanted to raise CRC awareness amongst in-service teachers. Over 580 teachers from K-12 levels and 294 backbone teachers from colleges in Inner Mongolia have been trained. This equipped them with knowledge and skills of implementing a participatory approach in their classes, from basic education to higher education.

On top of this, the network has also successfully developed various CRC-based training materials in Inner Mongolia, from leaflets to published books.

Way Forward

In order to achieve continuous dissemination of CRC, more research related with CRC and student centred approaches should be carried out. School teachers from different levels should be involved in regional, national and international confer­ences, seminars and trainings. By communicating and training, teachers’ awareness of child rights will be further aroused with the broadened horizon. Strengthening our network is vital to the work of the rights of children, and through this platform we do not only reach out nationally but also on an international level.

Interested in our training programme?

If you want to get in touch with us with questions, interest in training or sharing your experience, please do not hesitate. We look forward to hear from you!