Here you can read more about Global CRC Online and the ITP on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management where the national networks were formed. You can also get familiar with the host of the platform Child Rights Institute at Lund University and learn more about CRC in Sweden.

Global CRC Online

- sustainable global networking to implement the rights of the child

Programme managers Emma Alfredsson and Deana Nannskog from the Child Rights Institute at Lund University share their experiences by taking you through 13 years of global change work regarding the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Sida financed international training programme on “Child Rights, Classroom and School Management” ran from 2003-2016 and initiated more than 250 change processes in the education sector around the world, aiming to realise children’s rights in policy as well as in practice. 

In collaboration with change agents from 16 national alumni networks, CRi@LU has now developed a digital platform - Global CRC Online - an innovative way towards social sustainability in education.