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17 national networks of change agents that work for Child Rights and SDG 4 Quality Education in their countries, are involved in this project. Find all network’s country pages by clicking on the Countries tab in the menu to the left. Welcome to take part of what is going on in the different networks around the world!

Meeting in Kerala, India, March 4 on the continued work on CRC

Greetings from Kerala

12 change Agents were gathered at hotel Alakapuri Kozhikode, yesterday (04/03/2019).

First thing we considered was the future plans of APPRoCh India and we decided to continue as CRC Change agents under the newly elected president Mr Mathew Zachariah.

Our main agenda was the formation of SANIK (Sweden Alumni Network India Kerala chapter)We would like to get certified by SI (Swedish institute). 5 members were elected to the board of SANIK and Mr. George Joseph is the  Chairman

Future plans for the coming year:

We would like to conduct at least 3 programmes from the ready made tool kit of SI and decided to request for permission to add two more activities based on child rights.

We will inform you all in this platform more later

Warm regards


Kenya Change Agents brainstorming meeting!

The old and new Kenyan team met in Nairobi to deliberate on ways to re-establish links with trained change agents across the country and the rest of the world. Present at the meeting were Carolyne L.A Onyango and John Oduor Onyang from Batch 4 and Per Wickenberg. Susan Njoki Githaiga who works with John in Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children´s Rights was in attendance.

The Meeting resolved to mobilize all the CRC trained change agents and other child rights actors in Kenya to create an active Kenyan platform that can spearhead child rights activities in Kenya. The team also agreed to engage other relevant stakeholders in their bid to bring the much-needed change in the lives of children and youth in Kenya.

Conference on Environment and Child Rights at UN in Nairobi, Kenya

During 26-28 February there will be held an International Conference on Environment at UNEP and Child Rights in United Nations compound in Nairobi, Kenya. Margot Wallström, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs will listen to the childrens´ voices under the Mother tree in Childrens Meeting Place at UN in Nairobi. The Globetree from Sweden is organising this with UNEP and UN Habitat.

Here in the middle on this photo you will find Kajsa Dahlström, Globetree, and Ms Carolyne Onyango, Change Agent in Batch 4, 2006, in the training programme on "Child Rights, Classroom and School Management". Carolyne is active in this conference as an volonteer. She will also now start to build up the CRC-network in Kenya with the Change Agents still active in Kenya!

20 abstracts received!

About 20 abstracts with a research perspective have been written on the theme of Studies on Enactment of Children's Rights in Education - something that all our change agents were invited to. So far, it has inspired 44 research-interested change agents and their colleagues to write. The articles will be open access and published here on our open platform.

More information will come later.

Universal Children’s Day Celebration!

(In the picture: Per Wickenberg and Emma Alfredsson)

The Child Rights Institute celebrated Universal Children's Day!

On the 20th of November the Child Rights Institute was proud to host a national conference in a regional setting. Together with Barnombudsmannen, Länsstyrelsen Skåne, Skånes kommunförbund and other partners in Barnrättsforum Skåne on how to implement CRC in Sweden.

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VIII Seminar Pro Children Rights - VIII Seminario por los Derechos de los Niños y las Niñas

We are pleased to inform you that last August 27 the VIII Seminar for the Rights of Children was held at the Externado de Colombia University. This event was attended by the scholars of the International Course Children rights and school management sponsored by the University of Lund.

The objective of the seminar was to sensitize teachers about the rights of children, encourage their daily practice in the educational context and make visible change projects that promote the staging of children's rights.

Nos complace informarles que el pasado  27 de agosto  se celebró el  VIII Seminario por los Derechos de los Niños y las Niñas en la Universidad Externado de Colombia.  Este evento contó con la participación de los becarios del Curso Internacional sobre la Gestión de los Derechos de los Niños y las Niñas en la Escuela de la Universidad de Lund.

El seminario tuvo como objetivos sensibilizar a los maestros y maestras acerca de los derechos de la niñez, fomentar su práctica diaria en el contexto educativo y visibilizar proyectos de cambio que promueven la puesta en escena de los derechos de los niños y las niñas.

CRC Change Agents in Namibia during launching September 28

Listening, taking photographs and discussing among some of the Change Agents in Namibia at the launching: Martha, Olivia and Martinhus...

Launching of the Global Child Rights Online Platform in Namibia, September 28

National Coordinator, Meme Olivia Shinana, presenting the CRC implementation in Namibia with some of the other Change Agents in Namibia in the back

Another successful launching in Namibia September 28, 2018

Namibian Change Agents at the launching with representatives from Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, MoEAC, with the following participants on this photo:

From left sitting :   Gervasius Stephanus, Laban Shapange, Hon: Erickson Ndawanifa, Isak Hamatwi, Igenesia Tuahepa.

From left standing : Betty Likoro, Olivia Shinana, Roderick April, Elizabeth Valombola, Martha Amutenya, Martinhus Hamutenya, Simon Jacobs, Penehafo Haidula, Regina Hausiku, Desmond Marongwe, F. M. Mpareke, Fillippine Munkanda, and Monika Hangula.