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What's going on in the country networks?

17 national networks of change agents that work for Child Rights and SDG 4 Quality Education in their countries, are involved in this project. Find all network’s country pages by clicking on the Countries tab in the menu to the left. Welcome to take part of what is going on in the different networks around the world!


Change Agents launching their network


The Committee preparing for the launch.

Preparatory Meeting in Zambia on the 10th of March

The Child

The child appreciates the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

A Child enjoying the Right to Education.

The Child enjoying the Right to Education.

Check out the Facebook page of the Childrens Rights Change Agents of Colombia!

On our Facebook page you find videos, pictures and brief updates about our Change Agents projects and work.

Among other things, you can watch a video that we want to share about how to implement the teaching of teachers rights in the classroom. The activity was performed by some students of District University in Bogotá.

Click on the link below to visit the Facebook page of the Bogotá community.

Plan meeting Feb 28 in Hanoi for the launch in HCMC April 7 (VIETNAM)

Hanoi meeting with these change agents: to the right: Mr Do Bich Danh (batch 21), Ms Ngo Thi Tuyen (batch 9), and Ms Le Thi Thu Hang (batch 21). To the left from bottom: Ms Ta Thuy Hanh (batch 2) and Ms Mau Phuong (batch 21). Good cooperation going on between north and south in VIETNAM.

Planning meeting March 2nd for the launch April 7th in HCMC (VIETNAM)

Same Change Agents as photo below but now with Ms Le Khanh Ngoc (batch 12) second to the left. HCMC, Ho Chi Minh City, is in the south of Vietnam.

Planning meeting in HCMC for the launching event April 7 (VIETNAM)

The second planning meeting in HCMC, Vietnam, for the launching event in HCMC on the April 7. Around the table you can see these change agents: standing from left: Mr Luu Binh (batch 19), Mr Tran Thy Si (batch 15), Mr Nguyen Tam Huu (batch 12). Sitting from left: Ms Ta Thuy Hanh (batch 2), Ms Le Thuy (batch 19), Ms Huynh Trang (batch 17, Ms Hoang Minh Phuong (batch 12), and Ms Pham Ha Thuy (batch 20).

sri lanka was launched the platform successfully