CRC Network of Viet Nam

Welcome to the country page of the CRC Network of Viet Nam! We are currently 38 Change Agents actively striving to improve the rights of children locally and nationally. Here you will find more information about our agents and protects and get in touch with us if you are interested in how to implement the CRC in practice!


Viet Nam had its first team in batch 2 (2004). We have since then trained 13 teams and they have then implemented their knowledge in change projects, mainly focused around the two big cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. We are proud to say that our Change Agents are actors on all levels, national, regional and local.

Main Focus

The change projects are often focused on participation in decision making processes by students in primary and secondary schools. The projects have been aimed both at parents and staff, such as teachers and caregivers, but also engaged directly towards students, allowing them to learn about their rights and the importance of democracy, thus improving student-teacher communication altogether.

Some projects also directed the attention towards a child friendly approach in the context of underprivileged children or children with special educational needs.


The change projects have had positive outcomes on many levels. For example, school managers had opportunities to expand their space of action in identify­ing their own problems and found solutions.

Second, teachers have changed their behaviour from teacher-centred towards child-centred approach. Teachers are no longer the only source of knowledge and the most powerful one in the classroom. In fact, they have shifted from controlling all learning activities to facilitating the learning process whereby students explore new knowledge and master new skills by themselves through group work, pair work, project work, life skill clubs, real life situations, self-service activities, etc. Through the activities in school, teachers and students have a closer relationship, which makes the learning environment more effective and friendly.

The children are better aware of their rights and know how to protect others and to be protected by participation. As a matter of fact, students taking part in CR training expressed their interest and willingness to inform their class­mates about CR. They understand their rights, their needs, and their responsibilities.

Way Forward

The work continues and our network has issued the importance of the whole community in strengthening child rights - ‘School-Family-Society’. This requires collaboration and commitment of not only individual Change Agents but also social organizations such as international and domestic.

Interested in our training programmes?

We are happy to present our current achievements but we want to achieve much more. We want to spread the word and if you are interested to learn more about children’s rights, we encourage you to contact us and train yourself in a child rights approach. After all, there is much work to be done, ensuring the rights of all children!