Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change Agents

Meeting on zoom December 18 for ALL the CRC Change  Agents

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More information will come later!

Heartily welcome!

Yanneth Sanchez in Batch 17 - 

Per Wickenberg, Child Rights Institute, CRI, Lund University, Sweden 

Cruising for continued team building in Kerala

The Kerala Network of CRC Change Agents is on a cruise on the ship Cordelia for team building. The cruise is from Cochin to the Lakshadweep archipelago and then to Mumbai. We have been a cohesive team for the last two decades... We believe that activities like this will strengthen our group further.
Plastic Free Week in Kerala

The CRC Change Agents in Kerala will continue their work with the over-use of plastic on land and in the sea during one week in October 2021 - week 42 (October 18-24). 

There will also be an international seminar on this theme October 18. 

Contact person for this good environmental event is George Joseph


CRC Change Agents won a case on Child Rights in High Court in Kerala

CRC Change Agents won a case on Child Rights in High Court in Kerala

The Association for Promotion and Protection of Child Rights in India, APPROCH, is an organisation formed by the CRC Change Agents of Kerala, India, who attended the International Training Programme on Child Rights conducted under Sida, at Lund University, Sweden.
The organization filed a case in 2015 before the High Court of Kerala to prevent teachers of Aided Schools from contesting elections.
APPROCH´s point was that it was against Child Rights because teachers would be absent from schools for long periods during the elections and after the elections if they are elected to power.
The High Court has now, 24 February 2021, issued a favourable judgement in favour of APPROCH´s claim.
Aided Schools are schools run by private individuals or agencies. They appoint teachers of their choice but the salaries of the teachers are paid by the Government on a par with Government school teachers.
The judgement, which will benefit millions of children in Kerala, is a shining success story emanating from the Sida-ITP on Child Rights.
The 193 page judgement was issued by a Division Bench presided over by the Chief Justice.
Judgement HC Kerala CRC vs teaching Feb 2021.docx
Judgement HC Kerala CRC vs teaching Feb 2021.docx
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New president in Kerala CRC Network

The Kerala CRC network had an annual meeting 31 January 2021 and Pushpa Mathew was elected president of this year, 2021.

A New Travelling Book by Francis - again!

Francis' new book is based on his experiences in Lund when he attended the Sida international training programme in Child Rights in Schools. The title is In the Teen Town in Scania County.

You can read more here at our facebook site: Global Network for CRC Change Agents and here: 

Webinars on CRC and Covid-19 in Kerala...

Change Agents in Kerala - many different change agents - have done a lot of webinars during 2020 on Child Rights and the corona-situation in closed schools and online education in times of Covid-19 in Kerala.

Very good done and important now! Have a loook...

Here is the cover photo of Francis Devasya┬┤s new book - India-Kerala

Francis Devasya is writing this letter to all change agents:

"I am happy to inform you that my first book was published. It is a travelogue named as ‘Malawi - through the warm heart of Africa’, and of course it is based on my experiences in Malawi during the fourth phase  of the ITP on Child right classroom and school management, organised by SIDA and conducted by Lund University (in batch 14).  

This book is written in my mother tongue Malayalam

A new book from Kerala, India on CRC in Malawi - India-Kerala

Francis Devasya from Kerala, India, participant in batch 14 in the international training program "Child rights, classroom and school management" with a follow-up workshop in Malawi, is writing this on the open online CRC platform. Francis in the middle of the photo

The book was published by the famous Malayalam novelist Vinoy Thomas presenting a copy to Thomas Devasya (Director & award winner of the best childrens film Film 2015) on 12/05/2019 at Pazhassi  Library hall Mananthavady Wayanad Kerala India.

George Joseph, change agent & chairman Sweden Alumni Network India Kerala chapter and some other important personalities of library council were felicitated. Young poet Robins John introduced the book. Neermathalam books in Wayanad District, in Kerala, is the publisher.

Meeting in Kerala, India, March 4 on the continued work on CRC

Greetings from Kerala

12 change Agents were gathered at hotel Alakapuri Kozhikode, yesterday (04/03/2019).

First thing we considered was the future plans of APPRoCh India and we decided to continue as CRC Change agents under the newly elected president Mr Mathew Zachariah.

Our main agenda was the formation of SANIK (Sweden Alumni Network India Kerala chapter)We would like to get certified by SI (Swedish institute). 5 members were elected to the board of SANIK and Mr. George Joseph is the  Chairman

Future plans for the coming year:

We would like to conduct at least 3 programmes from the ready made tool kit of SI and decided to request for permission to add two more activities based on child rights.

We will inform you all in this platform more later

Warm regards