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17 national networks of change agents that work for Child Rights and SDG 4 Quality Education in their countries, are involved in this project. Find all network’s country pages by clicking on the Countries tab in the menu to the left. Welcome to take part of what is going on in the different networks around the world!

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Workshop on Child Rights in Saigon Vietnam, January 18, 2020

January 18, 2020, there was a Workshop on Child Rights in Schools in Saigon or HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City) with 9 change agents from Vietnam and with Per and Måns from Lund University and Child Rights Institute. This was the second workshop following up on the first workshop in Hanoi in April 2019.

1st Congress on Research around Inclusive Education and Diversity

We are pleased to share the participation of the CRC Colombian Network in the 1st Research Congress: Debates about inclusive education and diversity. Education Faculty at Universidad El Bosque ( Bogotá) last November the 6th. It was a great opportunity to promote the Convention and the globalcrconline platform with a group of young future teachers.



Today the joint book by 30 (or in fact 33) change agents are ready and published here as a PDF. The title is like this "International Studies on Enactment of Children´s Rights in Education. 30 researchers from non-western countries". It is published here: Research Report in Sociology of Law 2019:3, Sociology of Law, Lund Univesity. 314 p.

ISBN: 978-91-7267-420-2. ISSN 1404-1030.

Editors are Per Wickenberg, Bodil Rasmusson & Ulf Leo, Lund University.

You can download it free here: Look here in the Archive!

Or order it at Lund University in a paper copy:

E-post: •  

Excellent job done by all these change agents and CRC researchers!

Short on the Content

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is a human rights legal document decided and adopted by the UN General Assembly in November 1989. This international convention has had a major impact on children’s rights, policies and legislation in many countries around the world. Another prominent feature of the development, however, is the lack of research in many areas on implementation of children’s rights. This underline the importance of a book like this with contributions from countries seldom represented with research in their own context.

This book has been initiated by researchers at the Child Rights Institute, Lund University, a research network with the aim to act for and support the rights of the child in different contexts, national and international, in research, in education or in other relevant practices. The Institute gather researchers to stimulate and to support new and continued research with a point of departure in the CRC. It provides an open and suitable arena for researchers to publish new material on implementing CRC in society. Invitation of researchers from our global network to contribute to an anthology was therefore fully in line with this ambition.

Fifteen new international studies on the enactment of children’s rights in schools and education are presented in this book. The authors are researchers from Colombia, Zambia, Viet Nam, Egypt, India, Kenya, Indonesia and China. They are researchers and scholars active in many different academic environments as research universities (Indonesia, Zambia, China, Kenya, Egypt, and Sweden), teacher training universities (China and India), National University of Education (Viet Nam, Colombia), Institute of Social Work and Health (India), District Teacher Training Institution, DIET (India).

Per, Bodil and Ulf

10th World Congress for the Talent of Childhood

We are pleased to share our participation in the 10th World Congress for the Talent of the Childhood in the Third Millenium organized by the Colombian Delegation of ELIC Foundation (Free Schools of Scientific Research for Children) in conjunction of National and Externado Universities of Colombia. This event was held from October 18th to 22nd and the central topic was: Let's investigate peace. María Fernanda Téllez, Astrid Núñez, and Yanneth Sánchez were promoting the CRC change projects along with the global crc online platform.

Nos complace compartir nuestra participación en el 10o Congreso Mundial para el Talento de la Niñez en el Tercer Milenio organizado por la Delegación colombiana de la Fundación ELIC (Escuelas Libres de Investigación Científica para Niños) en unión con las universidades Nacional y Externado de Colombia. Este evento tuvo lugar del 18 al 22 de octubre y tuvo como tema central: Investiguemos la paz. María Fernanda Téllez, Astrid Núñez y Yanneth Sánchez estuvieron promoviendo los proyectos de cambio en torno a la CDN además de la plataforma global.

Workshop: Introducing the Global CRC Online Platform

Recently, our Colombian Change Agent, Judith Castellanos, participated as speaker in the Meeting of Graduates of Bilingualism at El Bosque University - Bogotá. There she made a workshop to promote the global CRC platform as a free access course about the Convention of the Rights of the Child and its application in the classroom. She got a very good response and interest from the audience.

Recientemente, nuestra Agente de Cambio, Judith Castellanos, participó como oradora en el Encuentro de Egresados de Licenciatura en Bilinguismo de la Universidad El Bosque en Bogotá. Allí desarrolló un taller para promover la plataforma global de CDN como un curso de libre acceso acerca de la Convención de los Derechos del Niño y su aplicación en el salón de clase. Tuvo también una buena respuesta e interés por parte del auditorio.

15 research contributions by change agents on CRC in Schools - Global

Now by the last sharp deadline, August 15, we have got 12 contributions of research articles on CRC implemented in Schools and Education. These contributions are written by 30 change agents in our network - from Africa, Latinamerica, Sweden and Asia! It is the countries in alphabetic order: China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Sweden, Viet Nam, and, Zambia. We will also have one contribution from Kenya.

Excellent work is done. Congratulations! Now we are making the peer-review readings and results will be done and communicated after September 15.

Then we will edit and design a research book - research anthology - with this title "Studies on Enactment of Children´s Rights in Education. It will be published in the established research books serie at Lund University "Research Reports in Sociology of Law" with a real ISBN number and a ISSN number: 1404-1030.

I seems to be a book of about some 150-200 pages. We will of course publish it here as a pdf document and free and open to download to all who are interested.

Well done!

Bodil, Ulf and Per

PS. After this above and in September 23: Now 15 articles!

Workshop at Universidad de Caldas in Manizales - Colombia

We had an important event at Universidad de Caldas in Manizales - Colombia to promote our CRC Platform with a group of students of the Master Program in Social Justice and Peace Building. We were invited by Professor Alba Lucía Rengifo who is also an intern of Lund University. We are strengthening relations to support our purpose of defending and diseminating the Children Rights in the country. I want to thank especially to our Mentor Anneli Holmgren who contacted us and lent a hand to develop the workshop about The Child.

Tuvimos un evento muy importante en la Universidad de Caldas en Manizales - Colombia con un grupo de estudiantes del Programa de Maestría en Justicia Social y Construcción de Paz. Fuimos invitados por la Maestra Alba Lucía Rengifo quien es también becaria de la Universidad de Lund. Estamos estrechando relaciones para alcanzar nuestro propósito de defender y difundir los Derechos de los Niños/as. Quiero agradecer especialmente a nuestra Mentora Anneli Holmgren quien nos contactó y nos ayudó en el desarrollo del taller sobre El Niño/a. 

Workshop at Universidad de Caldas in Manizales - Colombia
CRC For Education Leaders - Sri Lanka

 A One day Awareness work shop for Education leaders in Teldeniya Zonal  Education Office organize by Teacher Center Udadumbara, conducted by change agent  Mr,Gamini Rathnatissa. Manager  of Teachcer center