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What's going on in the country networks?

17 national networks of change agents that work for Child Rights and SDG 4 Quality Education in their countries, are involved in this project. Find all network’s country pages by clicking on the Countries tab in the menu to the left. Welcome to take part of what is going on in the different networks around the world!

Mozambique launch
Mozambique launch 18th of May

Our launch was a success, we had so many participants and a good intervention from the government.

Launch preparation (MOZAMBIQUE)
Mozambique launch preparation

Soon will be our launch on 18th of May.

The Successful Launching of the Global CRC Online Network Platform (INDONESIA)

Our mentor, Bodil Rasmusson together with Mr. Johan Hulquist, the Deputy of Political Affairs, the Swedish Embassy to Indonesia, Timor Leste, and ASEAN countries, officially launched the Global CRC Online Network Platform. The launching brought the Indonesian change agents from various batches together. The launching was responded positively by the media, both printed and online, which covered the event since the press conference prior to the launching.

Traditional Gamelan Orchestra (INDONESIA)

Karawitan Group by the teaching staff of the Teacher Training and Education Faculty opened the conference and the launch today, April 21, 2018

Opening the Conference and Launching of the Global CRC Online Network Platform (INDONESIA)

Peacock Dance performed by students of SD Muhammadiyah Program Khusus Surakaarta signified the Opening of the Conference and Launching of the Global CRC Online Network Platform at this very moment.

Successful launch of the Child Rights platform in China April 14 (CHINA)

A successful launch of the Global Child Rights Online platform in China at IMNU, Inner Mongolia Normal University, April 14, in the presens of Vice President of IMNU, Sun Baijun, Education Department in Inner Mongolia, and the change agents in Hohhot and IMNU, and also from Tongliao Vocational College, TVC, and Hulunbuir Teacher University and teacher training students at IMNU.

CRC Uganda-The CRC Platform Launch on 10th April 2018

The launch took place in Kampala and was presided over by the Director of Basic and Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education and Sports (Seated in middle with a tie). The students (squarting) of Shimoni Core Primary Teachers' College make a presentation about the project they had undertaken.

Discussion of guest of honor with Diana and Emma during the visit in Tanzania

 A courtesy call of Diana and Emma from Lund University, Cecilia - UNICEF Chief Education to a guest of honor Dr. Ave Maria Semakafu, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology during the Global CRC Online Launching in Tanzania on 6th April,2018