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A Study on the Implementation of the Convention On the Rights of the Child (CRC) in Malawian Primary Schools

Final Project Report, Batch 05, Malawi
Author: Andrew Chipanga, Darles Mbewe, Prince Moyo

Child participation in decision making at school

Final Project Report, Batch 16, Malawi
Author: Priscilla Thawe, Jeremiah Mpaso and Joyce Masache

Child Participation in Decision Making In Schools of Njewa Education Zone, Lilongwe

Final Project Report, Batch 19, Malawi
Author: Anderson Ntandika, Susan Rockey and George Kondowe

Child Rights Convention Sensitization and Enhancement of its Implementation in Malawian Primary Schools: A Case of Chimutu Primary School, Lilongwe

Final Project Report, Batch 13, Malawi
Author: Martha Ndeyana Kwengwere, Derex Francis Edwin Souza and Leonard Sakala Banda

CRC based school leadership: the case of njewa education zone

Final Project Report, Batch 20, Malawi
Author: Noris Mangulama Chirwa, Dr. Joseph Chimombo, and Esther Kapito

Implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Schools in Malawi: A Pilot Study in Zomba with a Focus on Corporal and Humiliating Punishment

Final Project Report, Batch 3, Malawi
Author: Martin Nthenda, Ibrahim Nthalika and Lucia Chidalengwa

Participation, Provision and Protection of the Child. Assessment of Awareness at School Level: The Case of Sakata Primary, Domasi Demonstration Secondary and Primary Schools, Zomba, Malawi

Final Project Report, Batch 4, Malawi
Author: Gilbert Phiri, Misheck Munthali, Florie Chagwira

Promoting child rights in schools through involvement of learners, head teachers, teachers and the community

Final Project Report, Batch 21, Malawi
Author: Dorothy Mzungu Jirani, Annie. S. Nyangulu, and Bennet Kapinda

Reducing Dropout rate due to pregnancy

Final Project Report, Batch 08, Malawi
Author: Ernest Matengo, Mercy Manyungwa, Grace Mulima

Reducing School Dropout Due to Child Labour

Final Project Report, Batch 11, Malawi
Author: Besta Yotamu, Elizabeth Ngongonda, Steve Banda

Students’ Participation in Discipline Issues among Students in Secondary Schools: A Case of Malosa and Mulunguzi Secondary Schools

Final Project Report, Batch 15, Malawi
Author: Rose Mpazo Kamwachale and Ellina Msiska Mwenegamba

The Right of a Child to Participation and Protection in Education. Handling of late comers to School: A Case of Zomba CCAP Primary and Namikasi Secondary Schools in Malawi

Final Project Report, Batch 07, Malawi
Author: Emma Dexter Mandala, Dorica Brenda Ayami, McPeatry Renard Kandio

The Role of Community Members in the Promotion of Child Friendly Schools: The Case of Malemia and Domasi Government Primary Schools

Final Project Report, Batch 18, Malawi
Author: Valentino Zimpita, Chimwemwe Kalalo and Davie Kaambankadzanja