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Bullying in Bogotá's Schools: The case of Carlo Federici School

Final Project Report from Batch 8, Colombia.
Authors: Quitián, Esperanza Valenzuela; Sánchez, José Reyes; Camacho, Sebastián Londoño

Children's Rights Turn into Reality

Final Project Report from Batch 19, Colombia.
Authors: Uribe, Judith Guevara; Santos Ortiz, Sandra Milena; Ruiz, Pedro Adolfo Cabrejo.

Conflict Resolution Strategies to Reduce Conflict Inside and Outside the Classroom

Final Project Report from Batch 17, Colombia.
Authors: Jaimes, Judith Castellanos; Galán, Carlos Eduardo; Prada, Yanneth Sánchez.

Crossing Boundaries and Empowering People in CRC

Final Project Report from Batch 9, Colombia.
Authors: García, Danilo Oliveros; Montañez, Luis Gabriel Rosero; Saavedra, Bibiana Rubio.

Enhancing Children and Adolescents Rights

Final Project Report from Batch 6, Colombia.
Authors: Velásquez, Graciela Maria; Aragon, Hector Orlando; Ossa, Angela Calle

Generating a Child Rights Classroom Culture through Cross-Curricular Materials that Foster Critical Thinking

Final Project Report from Batch 13, Colombia.
Authors: Pardo, Astrid Núñez; Guerrero, Jazmín Olivia; Reyes, Juan Carlos.

Integrating Participation, Leadership and Critical Thinking in the School through Students’ Council and Teachers’ Empowerment

Final Project Report from Batch 14, Colombia.
Authors: Téllez Téllez, María Fernanda; Junca, Javier Alexis; Ramírez, Carlos Orlando.

Listen to our Voices: An Open Space to Children's Participation

Final Project Report from Batch 4, Colombia.
Authors: Trujillo, Alejandra; Guaqueta, Camilo; Rubiano Ines, Clara.

Model to Implement CRC at class level, in an interdisciplinary way within the subjects and daily activities in three schools in Colombia, South America

Final Project Report from Batch 5, Colombia.
Authors: Cordero, Maria Inés Cuadros; López, Myriam Mercedes

Recognizing Cultural Diversity in Classrooms

Final Project Report from Batch 12, Colombia.
Authors: Contreras, Andrea Jaramillo; Contreras, Marcela Jaramillo; Betancur, Juan Camilo Gaviria.

School Violence and its Influence in the Child Free Personality Development

Final Project Report from Batch 10, Colombia.
Authors: de Buitrago, Flor Marina Sánchez; Rodriguez, Edwar Antonio Prieto; Bohórquez, Blanca Lilia Sánchez.

The Right to be different - Cultural heritage concepts in the classroom as a way to build a diverse cultural identity

Final Project Report from Batch 16, Colombia.
Authors: Ijjasz, Ilona Murcia; Uribe, Alejandro Calderón; López, José Alexander Hernández.

The three P’s appropriateness as basic elements of human development in the school community

Final Project Report from Batch 20, Colombia.
Authors: Rodríguez, Armando Calderón; Montaño, Julián Ernesto Castro; Duarte, Eliana Garzón.

Understanding Children’s Rights to bring about Change in Educational Settings in Colombia

Final Project Report from Batch 11, Colombia.
Authors: Barragan, Marcela Falla; Torres, Claudia; Nanwani, Sanjay.